BREAKING: Two Bombs Go Off in Dresden, Germany Attack, and There's Already Blame

On Monday night, two “homemade” explosive devices were detonated in the German city of Dresden. One bomb targeted a mosque, and the other the city’s International Congress Center. There are no deaths or injuries reported.


Media reports indicate that police believe “xenophobia” to be behind the attacks, proving that as long as you don’t say “Islamic Terror” it’s fine to come out quick and early with a theory of the crime.

“Even if we so far have no claim of responsibility, we must go on the basis that the motive was xenophobic,” said police spokesman Horst Kretzschmar.

The anniversary of German Reunification is less than a week away, and there will be celebrations across the country and across Dresden. Some reports indicate this may be the reason for the explosions. Again, no one was hurt in either of the coordinated attacks.


Police were dispatched to other mosques and Islamic centers in the city overnight.

Even when a killer or terrorist literally claims the mantle of Islamic Jihadist, police and politicians and media scold those who say that was the killer’s motive. But today, it’s “xenophobia” right off the bat. Nearly every news report cites “anti-Islamic” sentiment, far-right activism, or “fear” of refugees in their stories only hours after the explosions and with no evidence yet revealed.

Wonder why that is?


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