Remember How Rush Limbaugh Said He Never Took Trump Seriously On Immigration? WRONG.

Last week, Rush Limbaugh said he never took Trump seriously on his immigration and deportation plans. It was pretty big news. Here at RedState I said that this was an absolutely ridiculous thing, and that he had failed his listeners and the truth by not saying something much sooner. He weaseled.


But it’s much worse than that. Look at this excerpt from a Limbaugh email newsletter sent in June. Yes, June of this year. As in, three months ago. From Becket Adams on Twitter:


Not only is he fervently taking Trump seriously, he’s saying that people who do NOT take Trump seriously have lost their minds! And not only is he saying that, he blasted it out in a newsletter.

This isn’t just taking Trump seriously on these issues, it’s tattooing the phrase “I take him seriously #MAGA” on your forehead and forcing people to kiss it. To say he never took him seriously is …

Well it’s what we in the English-speaking world call a lie.

How can Rush explain this? How can he reconcile it? What … what the hell is he doing?? Rush is not arguing Trump is conservative. The opposite. He wasn’t trashing conservatives like Cruz. The opposite. So … why? Why do this?

Trump has poisoned every well in this country. Once you drink the water, you’re tainted. And you just get more ill as time goes by. Rush is tainted. It’s the only thing I can think of.

What a terrible, depressing year. I give it zero dittos.


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