Glenn Beck's Awesome, Wild, Passionate Speech Rocks the RedState Gathering (FULL VIDEO) #RSG16


“Nobody is going to listen to us if we’re carrying a banner that does not reflect our values.”

Among the many quotable lines in the hour long speech Glenn Beck delivered to the RedState Gathering in Denver on Friday, perhaps that was the most thematic. Not just for his message to the crowd, but for the message from the crowd to the RNC, for the message of disaffected and disillusioned conservatives who have been abandoned by the party in the name of … well whatever you want to call what Trump represents.


Glenn’s speech covered a ton of ground, had crazy props, emotional moments, and even a guest appearance, and it had the Gathering audience enthralled. He put Hillary on blast, but had plenty to say to Republicans as well.

“I’m more disappointed in our own side than the other,” said Beck, a sentiment many current and former Republicans share this year. It was a message the audience was ready to hear and which they cheered and applauded repeatedly throughout the speech.

Both candidates are liars, he said. And people are willing to let that go and turn a blind eye, to ask you to let it go, in order to win. In order to beat the other guy. Those are not our values, Beck emphasized. He could not be more correct.

Here is the full video of Glenn’s remarks. We do not have a transcript at this time. Make sure to search our hashtag #RSG16 not only to see the positive reactions, but also the unhinged reactions, both from the left and the Trump “right.”



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