Idiot Founder of Moronic 'Moms Demand Action' Stupidly Blames NRA for Unrelated Michigan Shooting


This is Shannon Watts, the ridiculous founder of the hysteria-based gun grabbing org Moms Demand Action, tweeting about the shooting at a courthouse in Michigan that we reported on earlier today. Set idiocy shields to maximum, RedStaters.

First of all, knee-jerker, the guy didn’t bring a gun. He took a bailiff’s gun as the officer was escorting him from the courtroom. So … yeah.

That’s something Watts later (barely) acknowledged. But you don’t even need the fact that she was 100% wrong about who the gun belonged to in order to mock her preposterous position.

Here are reasons it was stupid even BEFORE the stolen gun information came out.

1) It’s a courthouse. You can’t bring guns into courthouses. So she didn’t need a report on the gun being stolen to know that it wasn’t some guy’s personal firearm.

2) “Anyone, anywhere, any time, no questions asked” is not the NRA’s position. It’s not anyone’s position. You can’t, for example, find me someone advocating that infants pack heat in the natal ward. You just can’t find that. Nobody says this dumb thing that she and people like her always claim people say.

3) Even if that were the NRA’s position, it’s not the position of the Federal government or any State’s government or any municipality in the entire United States. People do ask questions. They do restrict when and where. These are things that already happen. So if some crazy person did think newborn infants should have TEC-9s to defend themselves from the doctor spanking them at delivery, it wouldn’t matter because it isn’t allowed. Someone who thinks courts should allow guns has no bearing on whether or not guns were allowed in this court today. Which they weren’t.

4) You know how people DO get guns in unaccountable ways? Through crime. By committing a crime. It’s a crime to do that. Also a crime? Stealing a court officer’s gun and then murdering that court officer in cold blood. All of these things are crimes, against which there are existing laws and penalties and punishments.

5) All of that doesn’t matter, because as it turns out the news that the murderer stole the gun off a bailiff broke nearly two hours before her dumb tweet. It was already known. She blamed the NRA anyway.

So, yeah, idiotic, moronic, dishonest, garbage. You know, gun grabber 101. Which by the way, hasn’t saved a single life in America and probably put some at risk. Dems talk about coming together, but in the end what they mean is you getting in line with their agenda lock, stock and barrel, so to speak.

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