At Home or Abroad, Liberals Are Unscrupulous Jerks

What do the #VoteRemain and the #NoBillNoBreak have in common? Unscrupulous, nasty, manipulative, dishonest liberal jerks.

At Powerline on Friday, John Hinderaker asked “Why Are Liberals So Hateful?” It’s a great question.


The last days of the EU campaign were marred by the Remain camp–i.e., the forces of Britain’s establishment–trying to use the appalling murder of MP Jo Cox as political fodder. Against all reason, they tried to tar the Brexit campaign with the insane deed of a lone nut.

Yeah, they did that. And a lot more. The Remain supporters are throwing epic tantrums. Protests all over London are planned, one of which is literally called the “F*** BREXIT RALLY”.

By the way, here’s the clip of Boris Johnson’s morning:

Hinderaker shows the unmistakable similarity between the Remain and Pout camps. Remain used a murder. Pout used terror.

This is just the kind of thing our own liberals do here in the U.S., for example in the House of Representatives, when they shut down the government to advance their claim that Republicans like to arm terrorists and kill people. It is disgraceful, yet we see such behavior from liberals again and again.

Just lovely. (The entire Powerline post is great, but it’s worth clicking through just for the Elizabeth Hurley cameo.)

It’s not unfamiliar here, of course. Democrats pretend to oppose “the politics of fear” but they use it at every turn, claiming Republicans want to literally destroy the entire planet (global warming), or just your health and well being (Obamacare), that opposing the destruction of due process means you favor arming terrorists (as noted above), or that opposing illegal immigration means you are a terrorist (because the children) … we could go on for days. Heck, we could go on for days just on how they act about allowing men in women’s bathrooms. However, it’s not just about the fact that liberals are angry or hateful, it’s that they are manipulative and devious, and that in those deceits they have a complicit media, itself populated almost entirely by liberals.


As The Right Scoop points out, it’s been even more blatant than usual this week.

From Fox News:

That is really breathtaking. The fact that Ted Cruz acted within the bound of House rules and the democrat pouters flouted them should have been a great topic for any journalist who was interested in ratings or clicks or simply doing their job. But it was of no interest whatsoever. Because they weren’t acting as journalists, they were acting as accomplices. To an unbelievable degree.

So here we have rules-breaking Democrats claiming Republicans want to arm terrorists being lionized as historic heroes by their media fellow travelers. It is levels of unscrupulous.

In the United Kingdom, using a horrible murder to smear their opponents, then staging near riots at a private residence and even demanding the city of London break away because they didn’t get their way and Billy’s got more ice cream than me, and they, too, have our liberal media carrying their water.

Everyone has a take on how Brexit follows or predicts something for the United States, but in truth, it’s more like a twin event. Liberals acting like jerks, and the media running cover for them. Here or there, it’s pretty much the same.



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