Death by Drone Phone: Investigation Reveals Hillary Authorized Assassination Strikes via Mobile Device


This is really crazy and sounds like fiction or a conspiracy theory, but it isn’t. As part of the ongoing criminal investigation being conducted into Hillary Clinton’s handling of sensitive and classified material while Secretary of State, focus is now on her mobile device. As it turns out, it seems that Secretary Clinton may have been authorizing assassinations, carried out by military drones, by emails sent from her cellphone.

Can you imagine anything more insecure? Not to mention offensively casual. But totally in keeping with her character.

Hillary’s remote control death squadrons were part of a program that gave the State Department say in whether or not a CIA drone strike would actually happen. The Wall Street Journal has all the details:

The CIA drone campaign, though widely reported in Pakistan, is treated as secret by the U.S. government. Under strict U.S. classification rules, U.S. officials have been barred from discussing strikes publicly and even privately outside of secure communications systems.

The State Department said in January that 22 emails on Mrs. Clinton’s personal server at her home have been judged to contain top-secret information and aren’t being publicly released. Many of them dealt with whether diplomats concurred or not with the CIA drone strikes, congressional and law-enforcement officials said.

It’s hard to type anything that isn’t just 100 exclamation points. They also break down some of the mechanics:

Some of the emails were then forwarded by Mrs. Clinton’s aides to her personal email account, which routed them to a server she kept at her home in suburban New York when she was secretary of state, the officials said. Investigators have raised concerns that Mrs. Clinton’s personal server was less secure than State Department systems.

The still-secret emails are a key part of the FBI investigation that has long dogged Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, these officials said.

They were written within the often-narrow time frame in which State Department officials had to decide whether or not to object to drone strikes before the CIA pulled the trigger, the officials said.

Law-enforcement and intelligence officials said State Department deliberations about the covert CIA drone program should have been conducted over a more secure government computer system designed to handle classified information.

This seems like it would be bread and butter for liberals. As journalist Jeremy Scahill said on Twitter, “So many liberals poo poo the Hillary email scandal for totally partisan reasons. If it was a Republican, they would be going bananas.”

Indeed, some of you may remember the hype surrounding the so-called “Cheney assassination squad” that was all the rage for liberal ire just over a decade ago. How soon we MoveOn from Hope and Change to “whatev, she’s the first female though.” The fact is, the FACT is, if this were a Republican running for President, it would be the only news. It would be the only news.

Hillary is being investigated for very serious breaches of security. For mishandling America’s classified intelligence. For what amounts to criminal incompetence or malfeasance. And it has the added salacious aspect of a death toll on foreign soil using drone strikes. Authorized on a Blackberry or iPhone or whatever mobile device she had. You cannot make up better copy. You can’t invent a story more ready-made for the press.

Instead we get nothing but fawning about how historic she is by everybody from reporters and journalists on down to leftist thought leaders, columnists and bloggers.

Wellm not everybody. This damning excerpt is from Salon. Yes, Salon.

Under Sec. Clinton, State Department officials approved almost every single proposed CIA drone assassination. They only objected to one or two attacks.

The emails that are at the heart of the FBI’s criminal investigation are 2011 and 2012 messages between U.S. diplomats in Pakistan and their State Department superiors in D.C., in which the officials approved drone strikes.

The article maintains outrage throughout.

It is a fact that hundreds have been killed in the drone program. There have been civilian casualties. That is a fact too, inconvenient or not. And Hillary participated in this program the way a teenager finds out what time to meet up with her crew at the mall: By cellphone.

Her casual disregard for human life is matched only by her total lack of regard for the security of American secrets, covert operatives and operations, or any of the many other reasons we have classified material.

You can poo poo if you want, liberal hypocrites, but this is bananas. It is incredible that she is running for President, and despicable that she has been endorsed by the President.

What a ridiculous, terrible, awful election year.