Even Donald Trump's D-Day Tweet About 'Fallen Heroes' Was Wrong

We have noted many times at RedState when politicians who don’t know what they are talking about use the wrong photo to memorialize an event from American military history. Usually it is Democrats. Once it was Trump. That was redundant.

Today, it’s Trump again.

Aaron Gardner immediately noticed something about Trump’s so-called D-Day tweet. It wasn’t from D-Day.

From the article:

Notice the guy just standing there with his arms on his hips, facing the troops coming ashore? Who did Trump think that was, exactly? Superman? This was a bloody invasion, a dangerous battle with high casualties. Bullets flying. Hand-to-hand combat. Explosions. But that guy was just standing there hanging out?

And who, exactly, would have taken this photo? The Germans? Look at the perspective.

Dumb. Aaron Gardner suggests that Trump doesn’t have much perspective on the military as a draft-evader who has repeatedly shown his only interest in troops and veterans is how they might benefit him. But I have another thought.

Maybe Trump’s German heritage makes him biased. Perhaps he shouldn’t be a judge of what is and is not a good D-Day photo. Hey, I’m just using his own reasoning.

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