TX AG Ken Paxton is Defending American Values in More Than One Case

God bless Texas. Attorney General Ken Paxton, you may recall, has recently stood up against President Obama’s gross overreach in pushing his gross bathroom agenda on America. Paxton suggested legal action, and Texas has signed onto a suit in Virginia challenging the growing pressure from the left to use the force of government to enforce their transgender activist goals on American society.


But this is not the only case where Paxton is fighting against tyranny. He’s also defending the First Amendment in a global warming case, an area where free speech is under direct, overt assault.

From the press release:

Attorney General Ken Paxton on Monday joined Alabama in asking a state judge to put an end to a ridiculous investigation launched against ExxonMobil by Claude Earl Walker, Attorney General of the Virgin Islands. Walker, working with a Washington, D.C.-based private law firm, issued a subpoena for more than four decades’ worth of Exxon records, alleging the company has engaged in racketeering due to its stated position on climate change, in a clear contradiction to the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“This case is about abusing the power of the subpoena to force Exxon to turn over many decades’ worth of records, so an attorney general with an agenda can pore over them in hopes of finding something incriminating,” said Attorney General Ken Paxton. “It’s a fishing expedition of the worst kind, and represents an effort to punish Exxon for daring to hold an opinion on climate change that differs from that of radical environmentalists.”

Is this how we want America to work? You don’t buy into the latest fad in Science! and that makes you the subject of government harassment?

That answer to that question is “yes” if you’re like a lot of lefty alarmists. Bill Nye wants climate “deniers” put in jail and he’s not alone. Others have worked to get you kicked off TV if you’re not toeing the party line, even fellow scientists and weather experts.


Exxon Mobil is a Texas-based company, and the Texas Attorney General is standing up for them. Other fishing expeditions have been shut down in Texas recently, including when the Mayor of Houston attempted a blanket subpoena for church sermons from area pastors in the hopes of finding something actionable because the churches refused to get in line on gay marriage.

The thought police have a whole lot of ways of trying to make you shut up, and asking for years worth of documents because they think they might find something they can then use is one of the ugliest and most un-American there is. Texas AG Paxton is fighting back.




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