Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick UNLEASHES On Obama's Bathroom "Blackmail," WH Dismisses Him as a Nut

Texas is standing firm with North Carolina and the American people in the fight against the tyranny of the federal government and the compromise of safety, comfort, and values represented by the assault on gender-specific bathrooms. In his responses last night and today to Obama’s decree, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick does not mince words on the subject.


“This will be the end of public education if this prevails.”

Boom. He also says that Texas “will not yield to blackmail by the President of the United States.” That is not unclear. It’s definitive. And taken together with Gov. Abbott’s remarks and the following statement from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, it’s clear what happens next.

“Once again the Obama Administration has over-stepped its constitutional bounds to meddle in the affairs of state and local government. Today’s announcement seeking to unilaterally redefine and expand federal law must be challenged. If President Obama thinks he can bully Texas schools into allowing men to have open access to girls in bathrooms, he better prepare for yet another legal fight.”

The enormous boycott of Target stores should tell these politicians what they are up against, but apparently it hasn’t, as White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest proved when responding dismissively to the outcry after being asked about it by a reporter today.


“Well I think this does underscore the risk of electing a right wing radio host to a statewide elected office.”

A snotty, dismissive, nasty remark from a snotty, dismissive rotten person. Earnest’s sneer is just a rewording of the “bitter clinger” point of view, which the Obama administration still holds as a core principle. As does Hillary Clinton.

And Donald Trump, don’t forget, is on their side. Both on bathrooms specifically, and on abuse of power generally. Happy 2016, you guys.



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