WOW: Boycott Target Petition Reaches STAGGERING Number of Signers In Just Four Days


On Wednesday, the American Family Association put out a “Boycott Target Pledge” on their website. Right now, almost exactly 4 days later, the petition has reached, at this time of this writing, an incredible 406,467 signatures.

Target may have misjudged the size of the audience they were choosing to make uncomfortable.

The press continues to frame this as an “LGBTQ-friendly” policy or a “trans” policy, but of course nobody is checking equipment. What the policy does, in practical effect, is allow men to use the women’s bathroom at any time for any reason and without question. This is a ridiculous policy and people know that it is ridiculous and now Target is paying the price. People aren’t standing for it.

Yesterday we brought you the story of the father who took his six-year-old daughter to Target and questioned them about their policy. They told him that he and his daughter were welcome to use a separate but equal bathroom if they were uncomfortable. Imagine if Target had said that to almost imperceptibly small number of people who “identify” as a different gender that may or may not theoretically have some unspecified “discomfort” with the normal status quo that has existed, due to biology, for the preponderance of human history? Two things would have happened A) Target would have been making sense and B) the progressive activists would have thrown a high holy fit about it.

Corporations have been trained by the activist left and the pressure of celebrities to believe they must give in to progressivism or face the consequences. Now they are going to find out that vast majority of Americans have had enough and can bite back.

Not that this will stop the onslaught. As John Hayward wrote in an absolute must-read article on the entire situation, they have more than bathroom policy in mind.

On a final note, while I was writing this, the number of people vowing not to shop at target has now reached 411,043. You feel that yet, Target? You will.

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