Roger Stone's Laughable, Trump-like Defense of his Outrageous Incitements

TrumpDelegatesRoger Stone, who has been increasingly hysterical and unhinged in his desperation to ensure his butt buddy Donny Trump gets nominated is now trying to blame the MSM for the fact that he threatened to unleash the “#TrumpArmy” on the hotel rooms of delegates to the convention who don’t vote for Trump once they are unbound.


Yes, it’s CNN’s fault because they “deceptively edited” a video of an interview he gave to a fellow Trumpican. We posted the video here at RedState. Here is what Stone says in a post at (gasp)


So here is how dumb this is. One: You still said you’d hand out their hotel room numbers!! If you expect us to believe that an army of Trump’s Twitter fans banging on the room you are sleeping in at a hotel is not an act of intimidation, then you really do have as much contempt for the average person’s intellect as being a Trump surrogate suggests. You’re telling people who are already openly talking about a new civil war that they should go to delegates hotel rooms to make them vote for Trump. Adding in “discuss” is totally meaningless. You know who says they’re going to have a talk with you? The mafia. Before a hit. “We had words.” Come on buddy, Give us some credit.

And two: Most people didn’t leave out that extra line that doesn’t change your threat anyway! Look here!

As I said this morning, and as we have reported over and over here at RedState, Trump people are promising retribution if things don’t go their way. They are promising “Armageddon.” And part of that promised Armageddon is supposed to take place at the individual hotel rooms of delegates. You can’t explain that away by blaming CNN. That may work for your supporters who believe any lie Trump orders them to. But the rest of aren’t quite so docile and conquered.


This pandering, deliberately deceptive, wink and nod “explanation” is exactly what you’d expect from a Trump surrogate. Because it’s exactly what you get with their Dear Leader. And so are threats. They’re a hallmark of this campaign.


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