The Only Four Things Really Worth Knowing From Tuesday's GOP Town Hall

Tuesday night was CNN’s GOP Town Hall, and while much was said, and there is plenty to talk about, there are only four things that are important to know going forward. Only four things that tell you something you didn’t already know. Four things worth knowing. Here they are.


1. Ain’t nobody supportin nobody after the primary: The remaining three candidates have all basically surrendered their vow to support the nominee after the primary is over. They can call it what they like, I’m sure there is spin coming from at least the two who still care about electoral politics in the future, but the bottom line is that these guys are not friends, and aren’t going to be.

Cruz: “I’m not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and my family … I think nominating Donald Trump would be an absolute trainwreck, I think it would hand the general election to Hillary Clinton.”
Trump: “No, I don’t anymore. … [Cruz] was essentially saying the same thing.”
Kasich: “I want to see how this thing finishs out. … All of us shouldn’t even have answered that question [originally].”

I will tell you this, and if you fail to accept it, then you fail at truth: It’s Trump’s fault. Every other candidate would have supported the eventual nominee were it not for the poisonous Donald Trump campaign destroying all it touches. That’s just a fact y’all.

Nobody promises to support anybody in the general, and it’s Trump’s fault. That’s the first thing worth knowing from this CNN Town Hall.


2. Donald Trump is a five-year-old. If five-year-olds were humongous jerks: Anderson Cooper called out Trump for his juvenile defense of “he started it,” although it would apply equally to his constant whining about not being treated fairly and his endless insistence that Billy got more ice cream than him (probably). But there’s another part of this video even more low-down and dirty.

He deliberately retweeted an image that was grabbed from a video in order to make Heidi Cruz look bad. A five year old would know this. This is why that is so important: he lied AND HIS SUPPORTERS KNOW HE LIED AND DON’T CARE. Think about it. Those supporters are on Twitter retweeting that photo right this second and saying awful things. They know it’s meant to make her look bad. They know he knows that. They know he just flat out lied about it to Anderson Cooper’s face. These are known things. They don’t care.

Trump’s supporters do not care if he lies. That’s the second thing worth knowing from Tuesday’s CNN Town Hall.

3. Two candidates were sane about Corey Lewandowski. Guess what that makes the third guy? All three candidates were asked about Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who was arrested Tuesday and charged with battery of a female reporter. Cruz and Kasich answered sanely. But Trump …


Yes, he repeated his Twitter talking point that maybe he should have Fields arrested. Oh and by the way? He also said her pen might have been a bomb. Yeah.

(We have the full video of the segment here. It’s worth it.)

Trump is mortally afraid of pens. That’s the third thing worth knowing from Tuesday’s CNN Town Hall.

4. Donald Trump has a long, long list of three things that he thinks are the function of government: Healthcare is one of them. Also the federal government owes you a house. In fact they owe you a lot of things.

He was asked the three most important functions of government and, even for someone who is never surprised by anything that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth anymore, I was still surprised by what came out of Donald Trump’s mouth in answer to this question.

You really have to see the whole thing. It’s easily the most important policy moment of the night because it shows that Trump, who we already know isn’t conservative and who has supporters that don’t particularly care if he is, is also not interested in small government, less federal power, limiting government handouts, or basically any of the ideas his supporters nominally, allegedly subscribe to.

You’ve really got to see it to believe it.

If Trump supporters really want some guy born a long time ago to compare Trump to, they should forget about Reagan and focus on Bernie Sanders, with whom he shares a world view. That is the fourth thing worth knowing from Tuesday’s CNN Town Hall.


“Worth knowing” means these are things that should influence one’s opinion on the race. That doesn’t merely mean Trump fans should abandon ship (although they definitely should), it means that supporters of candidates now out of the race need to face the reality of what will happen if they fail to oppose Trump through support of someone else. So it’s four things you should know to understand what needs to be done.

Also, the runner up award goes to Ted Cruz for this very human moment. It’s not quite a ‘Thing To Know’, but it’s definitely a ‘Thing Worth Watching’. It’s powerful and heart-breaking.


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