BURN!! Ted Cruz Explains Real Reason Kasich Won't Be On Convention Ballot: "He Keeps Losing!" [VIDEO]

There is a lot of talk lately about so-and-so being denied a spot at the convention or the convention being used to “steal” something from whoever, but of course it’s all bunk. There are rules set down, and they are set down for a reason, and if you can’t hack it then, well, you just can’t hack it pal. That doesn’t just apply to Trump, it applies to Kasich and Cruz too.


Oh Hugh Hewitt’s radio show today, Cruz said just that.

“Let’s be clear, it’s not me denying John Kasich anything. He keeps losing! He went 0 for 27. It’s the voters who voted against him in 27 states in a row. Then he won his home state. And then he proceeded to lose two more states, Utah and Arizona. He’s not gonna win Wisconsin next week. And if you continue to lose state after state after state, under the rules you don’t get to be on the ballot. Elections have consequences.”

Ohhhhhh snap! He’s absolutely right though. Take a hint Governor. Nobody wants you.

Cruz then lays out exactly what the plan is for his own campaign. It’s a logical plan. As opposed to Kasich’s which is mysterious and fantastic and possibly based on alchemy or witchcraft. He also discusses the talk of changing rule 40, which Cruz is flatly opposed to and which he points out is just a way for the establishment to deny the nomination to him, which would be a gross miscarriage, or to Trump, which would be a heroic and patriotic blow for America’s future. You can listen here.



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