Obama's Cuba Perfidy Was Worse Than You Thought ... WAY Worse

Back dropped by a monument depicting Cuba's revolutionary hero Ernesto "Che" Guevara, U.S. President Barack Obama, Vice-President of Cuba's State Council Salvador Valdes Mesa, right, and other members of the U.S. delegation stand during a ceremony at the Jose Marti Monument in Havana, Cuba, Monday March 21, 2016. (AP Photo/Dennis Rivera)

It sort of goes without saying at this point that President Obama doing the wave at a baseball game as people were dying from a terror attack in the city that is home to NATO was grotesque and left images that will probably haunt him and our country for decades.


It also goes without saying that Obama’s embrace of Castro and Cuba despite the continued oppression of its people, the arresting of dissidents (even on the eve of his visit), and the imprisonment of political enemies is likewise detestable.

And it further goes without saying that his deceitfulness and rank betrayal of American values reached new lows when he told Cubans that there was basically no difference between the American Revolution and the Cuban one.

But his trip was still was worse than you thought that it was. It was even more underhanded, duplicitous, and betraying than we knew.

First, the case of the photo with the Che background. This photo op was already mocked and derided many times over. How could the President allow Cuba to use him in such a way, to present such an image that is glorifying the murderous Che Guevara. Pure propaganda and he stood there and just let it happen.

Only he didn’t just let it happen. It was his idea. He picked it. He chose the propaganda. Don’t believe it? Well you should. There’s video:

The story came out a few days ago, and I am an avid news consumer, but I still missed it. I imagine some of you did as well. His idea.

By the way, the building that giant Che mural is painted on? It’s the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, which is not nearly as humdrum as it sounds.

Unlike our own Ministry of the Interior, Cuba’s is not charged with innocuous tasks like protecting endangered waterfowl. Rather, it operates the National Revolutionary Police, which, in addition to keeping law and order on the streets, harasses and arrests dissidents, and suppresses “counter-revolutionary” activities. In other words, it’s Cuba’s version of the Stasi.


Yeah, the guys rounding up people and arresting them before his arrival. Because of his arrival. Isn’t that sweet?

Next, on the same whirlwind world tour, President Obama went to Argentina and danced a tango while Americans were still unaccounted for in Brussels. What’s that got to do with the Cuba trip? Communism of course. He spoke to students there and told them that, hey, communism, capitalism, whatever. It’s all good. Do what thou wilt.

“So often in the past there has been a division between left and right, between capitalists and communists or socialists, and especially in the Americas, that’s been a big debate Those are interesting intellectual arguments, but I think for your generation, you should be practical, and just choose from what works. You don’t have to worry about whether it neatly fits into socialist theory or capitalist theory. You should just decide what works.”

Look at these things together. America’s revolution and Cuba’s are basically about the same thing. Also, communism and capitalism basically have the same goal of getting stuff done. It’s all the same. No one system is better than the other. Whether you have a president elected every four years or a brutal dictator for life. Tomayto, tomahto. He uses Cuba as an example in his speech, too. He praises their education and their healthcare. Huge achievements, he calls them. He gives lip-service to the idea that being “rooted” in market-based economy tends to work, but again goes back to the socialism well immediately after, and again concludes that kids today have to figure out what they think works best.


By the way, the other connection with Argentina is, of course, that it’s where Che Guevara comes from. It’s filled with museums about his life and a great big brand new statue of him lives there. Maybe Obama can get a selfie with it.

Obama’s trip to Cuba, and subsequently Argentina, was worse than I thought. Worse than we thought. Forget about American Exceptionalism, he can’t even speak for American values. The best he has to offer is that they aren’t that different from totalitarian strongman Che Guevara. It’s two-faced. Dishonest. Disloyal.



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