MISSOURI: Margin Between Cruz and Trump Too Close to Call as the Count Stops for the Night

Counting of ballots has stopped for the night in Missouri because there’s simply nothing left for them to count. Because the margin between Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz is so vanishingly small, no call has been made on who has won the state. Even though the state is partially proportional, it matters because 12 delegates are automatically awarded to the winner.


The current vote between the leaders stands at 40.8% for Trump, 40.6% for Cruz. That’s 382,093 votes to 380,367, leaving a margin of just 1,726.

Missouri will retake the issue Wednesday. They are going to count an unknown number of provisional ballots and absentee ballots. They will count absentee ballots as late as noon on Friday if the race has not been decided before then.

If, after all of that, the margin remains .5% or less, it triggers a “close vote margin” recount status. There is no actual recount automatically however. “Candidates and voters must first request or petition for a recount,” under the law. … we think.

Not saying anyone would, just saying someone could. If the vote is at that threshold.

So no resolution folks. Sorry.


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