BWA HA HA: Rush Limbaugh Calls It 'Trumpbart' On Air

Today on the Rush Limbaugh show, the king of talk was talking about the incident with Michelle Fields and Trump campaign manager and all-around dirtbag Corey Lewandowski, when let a hilarious characterization of the website slip.


The Washington Examiner’s T. Becket Adams caught it and tweeted it.

“Trumpbart” is course what many on the right call the site these days as they have gone all in on Trump’s campaign. (See Leon Wolf’s story here.)

But look, whether you’re a big fan or a total hater, this was a hilarious slip (if it was a slip). The writers at Trumpbart hate it when people say that.

Err, Breitbart I mean.

VIA The Right Scoop!

PS: By the way? There is a Trumpbart site you can actually visit. Heh.


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