Winners and Losers from Tonight’s CNN Democratic Debate


Ha ha ha ha ha. Winners. Oh that really makes me laugh.

Usually we don’t do these for the Democrats but you really should catch some of the highlights. If you’re a Rubio or Cruz hater in particular, go watch this and you’ll be happy to take either one of them. Heck even Kasich.



Anderson Cooper: For bringing up the most fundamental flaw in all Democrat thinking. They complain endlessly about the failures of government and then suggest government as the cure. This is true not just in things like the Flint water problems, but their objection to police (lets take guns from citizens and give them to bad cops), infrastructure (we need to build more bridges like the ones that collapse from bad government construction), and on and on. Cooper doesn’t ask “why should government do it” he asks “why should people TRUST the government to do it?”

Great question. No one answered it. No one ever does. Point to Cooper. In fact all the moderators were pretty good tonight and pressed the candidates more than Democrats are normally pressed. Not as much as Republicans obviously, but more than usual.

Republicans: Like I said above, if watching the battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton trying to prove which of them hates free enterprise, business, profit, and private ownership more doesn’t convince you to vote Republican I can’t imagine what will. These two had no solutions that didn’t involve government taking more away from you. More of your money, more of your freedom, and more of your possessions. Taking your guns, your religious liberty, your conscience … that’s what they debated about. Not arguing over how to stop it, but how to do it even more.



Caleb Howe: I had to watch this thing.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders: Obviously. But if you have to pick who lost the most … Hillary. Bernie was just better at seeming like a human being. That’s one of Hillary’s biggest weaknesses.


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