LOGIC: At #DemDebate, Bernie Sanders Says The Only Cure For Bad Gov't Is More Big Gov't!

This question from CNN’s Anderson Cooper is pretty much perfect. If you know, as everyone in Flint now knows, that government screws people over, why should they trust even more government to the cure for what ails you? This is something every Democrat should be asked and n o Democrat ever has a good answer for.

And neither does Bernie:

Talk about a non-sequitur. Why trust gov’t? Hey how about those corporations, amirite!

Sorry Berniac, but government dropped the ball in Flint. You saying “boo big business” isn’t going to change what the people of Flint know. It wasn’t Disney or GM who sent them the water bill for poisoned water, pal. And it wasn’t “trade deals” or China that poisoned it.


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