Martin O'Malley Blames Colorado Springs Shooting On 'Intolerance, Racism, and Hate'

In New Hampshire Sunday night, the three Democrat candidates for President were together again, chumming around at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner and talking about party unity and loving Obama. During the course of the evening, each got up to speak about the various things that Democrats like to hear before coughing up money. Bernie talked about spreading the wealth around, Hillary talked about Hillary, and O’Malley talked about racism.


Racism which somehow carries responsibility for the shooting that took place in Colorado Springs on Friday.

“They are acts motivated by intolerance, racism, and hate,” said O’Malley. “They are, in fact, acts of murder and acts of terror.” That the murders committed in this terror were murders is hardly revelatory (although I thought we were going with “workplace violence” these days, not “terror”). Was this in dispute somewhere? Did someone not think people shot in mass shootings were murdered? The hate one seems pretty obvious too.

The first part of that, though … the intolerance and racism part? Many on Twitter asked exactly what part of the shooting in Colorado was racist, even if one accepts the media’s unilateral declaration that it was absolutely completely and definitely a shooting about hating abortion, it still wouldn’t explain racism. Unless of course one meant the staggering disproportion of black babies that are aborted by the organization each year.

However, it became clear as O’Malley continued, railing against the “immoral” NRA that just wants to “sell” as many guns as they can. He is collecting every incident of someone shooting someone (well .. almost every incident) and balling them up into a group. A related philosophy of hate (read: right-wingery) that boils conveniently down to the three exact words Democrats can’t stop using to describe anything they find unpleasant. Pretty amazing!


So for Democrats, for Martin O’Malley, you can explain any shooting away as part of some big tapestry of racism and hate and of course “intolerance,” because those are the trolls under every bridge of hope to the future, and also the three most common REAL first names of Republicans. Oh and also they are like Abra Cadabra, but for opening Democrat wallets. Which was the purpose of the evening.

By the way all three candidates offered their condolences. Bernie Sanders was kind enough to offer his after stating that we have to protect Planned Parenthood from “vitriolic Republican rhetoric.” Then he stressed how important it is for us to bring Muslims together with us to fight ISIS. Who, you will recall, are not Islamic or the product of vitriolic Islamic rhetoric.

Narrative people.


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