Daily Links - May 24, 2012

Today is May 24th. On this date in 1543, astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus died in his home at the age of 70. The father of modern astronomy, Copernicus taught us that Earth was not, in fact, the center of the universe. The center of the universe is actually my wife, I’m told. Often. Also on this date, in 1844, Samuel B. Morse sent the first telegraph message. He sent “What hath God wrought?” The recipient merely replied “42” and left it at that. On this date in 1848, the first American bicycle race was held. Freddy Mercury was particularly pleased. One hundred and twenty-nine years ago today, the Brooklyn Bridge was officially opened. Coincidentally, I recently closed a deal to sell the bridge to Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher. And finally, today is “International Tiara Day,” the one day a year when I don’t feel awkward when I wear a tiara. Consider this an Open Thread.


RNC Invites You To Join Our Victory Thursday Phone Bank | RNC
“Volunteer from home today to help the RNC keep Wisconsin red- election day is rapidly approaching and we need your help! Make just 10 calls tonight to help elected Republicans in the state of Wisconsin through our Social Victory Center Facebook app!”

Refuting MarketWatch on Obama’s spending with an infographic | Political Math
“And I’m d**n tired of picking it apart 140 characters at a time, so I put together this sarcastic infographic showing exactly how sloppy this piece really is.”

Senate Dems Want You To Pay More For TSA Groping | Big Government
“That’s right: Not only do they want the TSA to continue to be paid to interfere with your body; Senate Democrats want to interfere yet more with the contents of your wallet to cover the cost of said privacy-invasion”

Roseanne Barr: Defending S.E. Cupp is more disgusting than Photoshopping a penis in her mouth | Twitchy
“She’s such an advocate for women that she thinks defending S.E. Cupp and the rest of the conservative gender traitors is vile.”

Politico’s Gavin Whitewashes Obama Primary Embarrassments | Newsbusters
“But when a candidate running to the right of Barack Obama garners 40% of the vote in the Arkansas Dem primary, and “uncommitted” amasses an astounding 42% in Kentucky . . . crickets.”

Walker’s Reforms: Good Policy, Good Politics | NRO
“The key reasons for Walker’s superior position include a clumsy campaign against him, revelations about union pension and pay excesses that undercut labor’s argument against Walker’s ending of collective bargaining for most public-sector workers, and a Wisconsin economy that is improving more quickly than that of many states.”


Our Spending Problem in Perspective from Evan Feinberg.

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