Lean Leftward: MSNBC Ad Revealed

Jim Treacher posted this hilarious Keith Olbermann ad yesterday at The Daily Caller. Like Olby’s show, the esteem Keith has for Keith is by far the dominant message. (Full ad embedded below the fold.)


Bu if you just can’t bear to click through and watch it, fear not! Treacher and Mary Katharine Ham have refined the ad for your viewing pleasure, below:

There’s really no way to summarize this for those without video, except to say “BAM!”

Here’s the original ad:

… and to summarize this version for those without video:
See Keith. See Keith type. Type Keith type. Smirk Keith Smirk. Be impressed with your own perceived genius wordsmithery, Keith, be impressed. See Keith be impressed? Talk to the camera, Keith, talk. But now to a different camera. Lean forward, Keith, lean forward! Oh you already were leaning? Well great, Keith, great!! Love, your biggest fan, Keith Olbermann.

Not an exact transcript, but it’ll do.

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