Right Online Post-Game

It was Vegas, baby. Right Online 2010 was a spectacular event. While the nutrooters frittered away their time listening to Van Jones preach green socialism, or on the casino floor playing African-American-jack and Poker(orim), we denizens of the online right were listening to serious policy discussion, getting tips on building our social networks, and pouring ice all over audio equipment for fun and profit.


There were great talks from our online superstars like Erick Erickson and Ed Morrissey, stirring red meat from politicians like Mike Pence and Michelle Bachmann. Stephen Kruiser brought down the house one night, and made the blind to be deaf on another. And of course, we had that rare chance to mix and mingle with other right wing nutjobs in a friendly, non-union atmosphere.

There are a lot of slideshows and video clips floating around the blogoverse, which you can find on teh Twitter or with Bing (because screw you Google). I think we all learned a lot too. There were Facebook and Twitter analysis sessions, the energy policy panel was absolutely fantastic. We even learned you better NOT bring Robert Stacy McCain beer in a glass. That class alone was over 45 minutes long.

But the one video I absolutely insist that you watch features the incomparable Ann McElhinney, director of Not Evil Just Wrong. Unfortunately it is still not online and I really can’t wait any longer to post my post-game. McElhinney is an amazing speaker and she absolutely destroys leftist tropes in just a few hilarious remarks. Since I couldn’t get the Right Online video, click on Read More to see her CPAC speech.



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