Rep. Louie Gohmert on Border Crisis: We Can't Trust This President...

Last night Rep. Louie Gohmert appeared on the O’Reilly Factor to discuss the flood of illegal alien minors at the border. Rep. Gohmert, who is from Texas, spoke passionately about the crisis at our border and warned that President Obama shouldn’t be trusted at all on this issue. (h/t Caleb Howe at Truth Revolt)


Before noting that President Obama could not be trusted, Gohmert spoke about making choices as a judge and the the rule of law.

As a judge, sometimes I sentenced people and it would break my heart and I would go back in my office and weep. And I knew the children were going to suffer. But I knew we had to be a nation of laws and follow the laws.

Gohmert went on to blast the liberal idea of compassion.

What is more caring? To keep adding mass graves as children are encouraged to flood into the U.S. because our Cammander in Chief will not secure the border?

I think the more compassionate thing is when you actually secure the border and make people follow the law.

While Democrats have, as they often do, requested more money for an increase in immigration judges, Gohmert noted that immigration is the job of Congress but that a comprehensive bill would not earn his support because the President simply can’t be trusted on this issue (or any other, really).

Something that should be considered in this ongoing border crisis is that we don’t really know from where all these children came.


As reported by Kerry Picket at Breitbart, a group of independent American security contractors on the border in Arizona found what appears to be a Muslim prayer rug near an area known for illegal border crossings.

Meanwhile, President Obama will be traveling to Texas and avoiding the border completely.

Helpfully, Senator Ted Cruz let President Obama know on twitter the directions to the border from his scheduled fundraising stops.


It isn’t surprising that Rep. Gohmert doesn’t trust Obama.


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