Hi Gov. Hickenlooper, It's Wednesday, Let's Talk About Magazine Capacity Bans

As I noted last night, the Denver CBS Affiliate, News 4, ran a story which went into Governor John Hickenlooper’s apology to the Colorado Sheriffs. It was not a good night for the embattled Governor. You can check out the News 4 segment by Shaun Boyd, along with the entire video of the meeting at the News 4 site.


The fact that this has broken through the online media and into the local Denver media is big.

This isn’t where Hickenlooper and his campaign wanted to be at this point in the cycle.

One thing not highlighted by the segment by Shaun Boyd is what Hickenlooper said in with respect to the magazine capacity ban, which made magazine that hold more than 15 rounds illegal.

Again, the fact that Hickenlooper had no clue that this would be divisive is a testament to how out of touch he is, securely positioned within the Denver centric political bubble.

Hickenlooper then goes on to note statistics and facts that were widely reported by right leaning outlets. These facts were the primary concerns that the sheriffs wanted to present to the Governor.

“Roughly 300k mags that carry more that 15 rounds already … how are you going to tell between an old and a new one? … I feel like you’re going to have a hard time finding the magazines.” Governor Hickenlooper belatedly acknowledged.


Hickenlooper again passed the buck on why he signed the bill. “One of my staff made a committment that we’d sign it if it got passed. To be honest, no one in our office thought it would get through the legislature.”

There should be no doubt left in anyone’s mind, Governor Hickenlooper doesn’t know how to govern or is incapable of doing so.

The lies need to stop. The spin needs to end. Governor Hickenlooper needs to go back to brewing beer and leave governing to those who actually care enough to show up and do the job.

Hickenlooper clearly doesn’t want this responsibility.


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