VIDEO: Embattled, and Exasperated, Gov. Hickenlooper to Colorado Sheriffs: WTF!!

I told you more was coming…

Governor John Hickenlooper

I already talked about Hickenlooper’s “half ass” apology to the sheriffs, along with his blatant lies, but this takes the cake.


For those without video, or who have small children in the room, what is heard in the video is Governor Hickenlooper apologizing to the sheriffs for not knowing that the sheriffs tried to meet with him while these divisive gun control laws were debated.

**Warning: NSFW/LANGUAGE**

One of the sheriffs shared his frustrations and concerns with how the sheriffs were ignored by Hickenlooper and his staff. But this time Hickenlooper’s patience had run thin. Before the sheriff could even finish, clearly exasperated Hickenlooper blurted out, “How many apologies do you want? What the F—!”

In fact, because of this footage a source informed me that outlets like the Denver CBS affiliate, News 4, have picked up the story and plan to do a news package on the embattled Governor’s comments to the Colorado Sheriffs.


The video ends with Hickenlooper passing the buck to his staff and saying, “I can’t control the people they send for me.”

Really? You are the Governor of Colorado, you can’t control your own staff?

Where I come from, that means you shouldn’t even be Governor.

Respectfully Governor Hickenlooper, maybe you can at least get your staff to help you pack without the need for a profanity laden apology.

Thanks again to the great folks at Revealing Politics for sharing the footage with me. If you aren’t  following their youtube channel, you are missing out.


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