Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is Lying.

As posted on Friday evening by Moe Lane, and picked up today by Jazz Shaw over at HotAir, embattled Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is having some buyer’s remorse on the gun control legislation he and his party foisted upon the people of Colorado. These laws resulted in the historic recall elections last year that ousted the sitting Senate President and an up an coming female Democrat from the liberal stronghold of Pueblo, as well as a resignation from State Senator Evie Hudak.


Governor Hickenlooper is up for reelection this year and has largely lost the thin veneer of a moderate democrat, which, along with a meltdown in the GOP, led to his victory in 2010.

As Moe noted in his post, Hickenlooper apologized to a group a sheriffs for not meeting with them prior to passage of the controversial, and roundly unpopular, legislation. But there is more to this story.

Our friends over at Revealing Politics had a tracker in the room for Hickenlooper’s apology session with the sheriffs.

While the democratic Governor of the state of Colorado apologized, he also blatantly lied to the sheriffs.

You see, despite what Hickenlooper said in the video, during the extensive debate over the democratic gun control legislation, in which the democrats consistently ignored objections from 2nd Amendment supporters, and brought their anti-women rhetoric to stunning new heightsGovernor Hickenlooper did take phone calls from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In fact, as noted by Todd Sheperd in the post linked above, we find out Hickenlooper and Bloomberg had multiple phone conversations. Sheperd goes on to note that at no time before this latest story broke did Hickenlooper or his office deny calls occurred with Mayor Bloomberg.

the identification of the calls on March 2 and 19 come from the Governor’s office, and, at no point in over 12 months of our original report remaining online were the claims of conversations between Hickenlooper and Bloomberg ever refuted.


Bloomberg is a gun control extremist who has used national astroturf campaigns based on lies and exaggerations to push gun control legislation at the state and national level. Just last week the Bloomberg group Everytown was busted inflating the number of school shooting since the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Charles C. Johnson did an extensive take down of their bogus “school shooting” figures.

Governor Hickenlooper ignored the many sheriffs of Colorado who tried to warn him about how bad these gun control bills were. Governor Hickenlooper ignored his constituents. Governor Hickenlooper tooks calls, and no doubt some direction, from the former Mayor of New York City and gun control extremist, Michael Bloomberg.

And now he is blatantly lying about it.

To quote Moe, “That internal polling must be downright awful.”

Oh, I should also note that there is more footage from this apology session that has not yet been released. So you should, as they say …. Stay tuned.




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