Konni Burton and the Texas GOP Convention

In addition to sitting down with Gov. Perry and Rep. Scott Turner, I was also graced with the opportunity to interview a State Senate candidate named Konni Burton. Konni has been a grassroots activist for years and now is running to take the Senate seat held by Wendy Davis.


We talked a bit about her race for the state senate and some of the issues that face conservatives in not only Texas, but across the nation.

Konni has down a great job during her campaign to expose some of the major inconsistencies of Wendy Davis’s time in office and fight back against the ridiculous “War on Women” narrative that the democrats has used and continue to use.

Konni is pro-life, pro-second amendment, and pro free markets. In fact, one of the things that really stood out to me is her passion for zero-based budgeting. Rather than having the constant rollover of budgets, which inevitably grows your budget and is also a sort of stealth growth in government, Konni believes that every dollar should be justified each session.

To learn more about Konni Burton, make sure to visit her campaign site.

Image courtesy of Dorti / Shutterstock.com


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