New Money Super PAC to Build GOTV Army for Conservatives

New SuperPACs seem to sprout up all the time, but one that brings new money to the conservative movement, and has a focus on ground operations rather than campaign ad wars, is worth noting.


Vote 2 Reduce Debt (V2RD) announced they will be targeting 11 United States Senate races this fall and they are already actively engaged in three states prior to tomorrow’s June 3rd primary elections in IA, CO and MT.  The PAC is taking on two issues that get right to heart of conservative anger toward the establishment: out of control federal spending by government, coupled with the waste, fraud and abuse of the consultant class that resulted in an almost non-existent ground game during the 2012 election cycle.

It’s a big lift.  The PAC’s national political strategist, Patrick Davis, a personal friend and the former National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Political Director who led the GOP to victory the last time Republicans wrested control of the US Senate back from the Democrats back in 2004.

Now, he’s coordinating the 11 state victory strategy for Vote 2 Reduce Debt by focusing on the nuts and bolts of political campaign, door knocking, phone banking and grassroots rallies designed to reinvigorate a base that has felt ignored, as well as to attract new voters to the cause by delivering a message that resonates with most people.  “As we have been in the field leading into Tuesday primary elections, we’ve been able to identify that the federal debt is an eighty-percent issue, meaning that 80% of conservatives believe that the debt and economic issues are their top priority today.” Davis said.


The overwhelming national debt and how it will impact generations to come was the catalyst for Mr. Ken Davis of Ft. Worth Texas to decide to engage in the political process.

Ken Davis (no relation to Patrick Davis), who is highly regarded and very successful businessman, decided that after years of focusing his efforts in the private sector, he wanted to do something of vital importance for future generations: leave them with a secure nation, and ensure they are not saddled with insurmountable debt and the accompanying tax burden.

His commitment to the PAC as its founder and funder has led to the PAC’s ability to help such conservatives as Joni Ernst (IA), Cory Gardner (CO), and Rep. Steve Daines (MT) as they vie for republican US Senate nominations.  According to Patrick Davis, “First we are influencing primaries in order to insure that the right candidates are nominated, then, with a conservative field secured we make the case to the base and broader conservative population.”

According to V2RD, there are approximately 26 million self-identified Christian conservatives who did not feel impelled to vote in the last election cycle or two.  That group of disaffected conservatives is a major focus for the PAC’s turn out efforts.


Randy Hill , the PAC’s president, is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who is not a politician, something that may resonate well with conservatives fed up with Washington establishments pandering rhetoric.  By pairing Randy Hill, a successful businessman, with Patrick Davis, the last political director to win back the US Senate for the GOP, V2RD may have the right recipe for appealing to the base in 2014 and 2016.  If there are two things conservatives are fed up with, they are gluttonous government and losing

You can see more from V2RD on its twitter and facebook pages.


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