Open Thread: Everything is a Metaphor

In closing out the State of the Union address President Obama told a story about a hero, a combat veteran who served proudly during 10 tours and was nearly killed in that service. His name is Sgt. 1st Class Cory Remsburg


Obviously this was all a metaphor about Obama growing up in Hawaii, attending Harvard, eventually becoming President of the United States, and the myriad challenges that come with holding the highest office in the land. A true rags to riches, hard knock life, type of story.

Oh, what? You don’t follow?

Confession: Neither did I, but Mollie Hemingway has the details over at The Federalist:

It’s amazing that any human would look on the sacrifices of Cory Remsburg and think of any president of recent memory, much less Barack Obama. It’s also just astounding that someone would have absolutely no compunction about expressing said thought.

Make sure to go and read the entire thing, including other twitter reactions from the left and right and Murray’s longer version.


Having not been a member of a cult, I can’t understand the desire to make everything about Obama, even the sacrifice of our veterans. Having been a member of the United States Army, I can relate to those who are offended by the idea that their sacrifice and Obama’s are the same.

Murray’s masturbatory love note could have only been written by a man who has not only never served in the military, but more than likely has never had to struggle for much of anything. Just like the President he so desperately adores.

Open Thread.


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