Colorado State Senator Calls Out Same Day Voter Bill As Horse.. Uh... Manure

Freshman Colorado State Senator Owen Hill took to the Senate Floor to speak on the Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act (VAME), and he bluntly called the legislation “Horse [expletive deleted].”

**Language Warning**

The legislation, which would eliminate precinct polling in favor of county wide voting centers, mandate mail in ballot voting – which has been shown to decrease overall voter turnout, and allow for election day voter registration and voting and the growing possibility of fraud, was written in secret by left wing groups in Colorado. Common Cause, the Progressive Coalition, AFSCME, and the AFL-CIO drafted the language of the bill without ever consulting the Republican Secretary of State, Scott Gessler.

Despite objections raised during debate on the legislation by Gessler and Republicans in both chambers of the legislature, the VAME act passed on a party line vote, but not before Sen. Hill was able to speak boldly for his constituents in conservative leaning Colorado Springs.


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