For the Despondent Perry Supporters

The circumstances under which I write this are beyond horrible, I get it. It sucks that Gov. Perry is in this position. It sucks that the people of IA, NH, and now SC, have ignored the record of an outstanding governor and true blue conservative. It sucks that people have relied on shallow criteria for selecting a nominee.


It sucks, but the reality is, this is what has happened. The Governor’s campaign is nearly broke and he is on the verge of going into personal debt. The news on the wire is that he has conceded this reality and will be dropping out of the race. He will be holding a press conference today at 11 am ET.

With that in mind, I suggest we all do a few things.

Donate what you can to ensure that Gov. Perry isn’t left in debt when this is all over.

After SC, win, lose, or draw, thank the Governor for changing the tenor and tone of this race by giving a donation to retire whatever debt he may have. These things will allow the Governor to fight on from the outside, if that is what he chooses, or go home to TX with minimal personal damage to him and Anita.

I say all of this as one of Governor Perry’s biggest supporters on RedState. I have given what I could, I have written what I could, I have influenced who I can. I have run the race with honor and will end it with my principles intact.

Each one of us has a choice in how we proceed, we can succumb to the grief we are all feeling, looking for someone to blame. Or, we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and continue to fight for the ideas and principles that the Governor brought to the race. This is truly the extent of what you can do to try and change the reality as it exists right now.


Donning the sack cloth and smearing ashes on ourselves will not change the heart of a single voter, nor will it advance the cause of freedom, which Gov, Perry has been fighting for.

Our cause is greater than one man, even though our man is a great one. If the Governor leaves the race, it will be up to us to carry the banner and push those who remain more towards the ideas and principles Gov. Perry championed.

Aaron B. Gardner


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