Happy 236th Birthday to the U.S. Army!

As the aggression of the Monarchy grew, the future Founders of our blessed nation began to take steps to raise an army for defense.

“The New England delegations immediately tried to secure congressional support for armed opposition to Great Britain. They argued that New England was merely protecting itself from British aggression, and that in so doing it was acting to defend all the colonies. Their goal was the adoption by Congress of the troops at Boston, an action which would both remove the objection that the war was a regional issue and broaden the base of support for the military effort.


Decisive action came on 14 June when Congress adopted “the American continental army” after reaching a consensus position in the Committee of the Whole. This procedure and the desire for secrecy account for the sparseness of the official journal entries for the day. The record indicates only that Congress undertook to raise ten companies of riflemen, approved an enlistment form for them, and appointed a committee (including Washington and Schuyler) to draft rules and regulations “for the government of the army.”


Two hundred and thirty six years later, our Army is second to none. No matter the mission, the terrain, the obstacles, odds, or enemies, the soldiers of the U.S. Army stand ready.

“What makes me most proud of our Army … it is indestructible it has shown incredible resilience”

I agree wholly with Gen Dempsey, CoS of the Army. Our Army is a source of pride for me and I know it is also of source of pride for all those who are in it. If you know a soldier, or see one on the street today, don’t forget to wish him or her a Happy Birthday for the U.S. Army.


Aaron B. Gardner



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