A Note to GOProud and Other Libertarian Tea Partiers

This weekend GOProud and some “Tea Partiers” decided to tell the GOP to put SoCons in the back of the bus. From Politico:

“On behalf of limited-government conservatives everywhere, we write to urge you and your colleagues in Washington to put forward a legislative agenda in the next Congress that reflects the principles of the Tea Party movement,” they write to presumptive House Speaker John Boehner and Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell in an advance copy provided to POLITICO. “This election was not a mandate for the Republican Party, nor was it a mandate to act on any social issue.


First, I am a limited-government conservative and GOProud doesn’t speak on my behalf. Second, I don’t take kindly to being told to stuff my issues by a demographic that represents only 3% of the total electorate – two thirds of which voted Democrat. Third, and this brings us to the bold portion above, if the Republicans and SoCons didn’t achieve a mandate then what the heck makes you think you did?

Let me break this down as simply as I can below the fold.

If we abort this:

Then, this dies with it.:

Choose … wisely.

Aaron B. Gardner


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