Never Trumper Bill Kristol Endorses Joe Biden


Anybody who has been paying any attention to the dubious activities of the NeverTrump movement shouldn’t be suprised that Bill Kristol is finally throwing out endorsements for Democrats. This should be a far bigger story just based on the fact that the former Vice President of an administration that drew fierce oppostion from Conservatives. The NeverTrump movement who preaches that their opposition to Donald Trump is based on their principles is now supporting a candidate who supports abortion, clearly stated in last week’s debates that he supports gun confiscation, and was in the administration that began the push for socialized medicine in the United States.

At this point, and looking at the current Democrat party, I think it’s prudent to ask these NeverTrumpers what principles it is that they support. This question never seems to be asked, and I’m certain it’s because everyone knows the answer isn’t good for their movement. The reality of the NeverTrump situation is that these people either hate Donald Trump personally for one reason or another, or Trump poses some threat to them. My analysis leads me to believe that Trump represents a GOP that isn’t run out of a think tank on K street and that infuriates the party elite who have made millions shoving their neo-conservative agendas.

After years of NeverTrump preaching to us about how un-christian we are for voting Trump, how we are all cult members, and how we don’t care about the Republic the founders built, we now see them rallying behind the Obama administration, because that is what Joe Biden is, another four years of Obama. No person who has spent any amount of time conducting political analysis would see Obama’s VP as a “moderate”, that is merely a sales pitch hoping that Democrats don’t leave the party in droves because they’ve gone hard left. This isn’t shocking at all, certainly not, but after Bill Kristol accused Trump of trying to manipulate the South Carolina primary by joking about Republicans voting for the candidate they think Trump could easily beat, he’s now convincing his Republican followers to support Joe Biden, so really, same same.


Here is Kristol claiming Trump tried to rig the primary in South Carolina

Here is Kristol, who claims to be a Republican, and claims to have a Republican audience, in fact the only “true conservative” audience telling them to vote in the Democrat primary

It is time for NeverTrump followers to see the grift that is going on here and realize that Kristol and his friends are accusing Trump supporters of exactly what they themselves are doing and for those people to realize that they are merely tools for Kristol to still finance his lifestyle. Kristol is more concerned about being invited to cocktail parties at Martha’s Vinyard with the media elite than he is about the tribulations of the Iowa farmer or the West Virginia miner. You’ve all been misled, and Kristol is smugly laughing at you with his friends in the green room at the MSNBC studios.




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