The New Generation of Conservatism

Throughout the Democrats’ fraudulent investigations of Donald Trump there have been ominous labels applied to people like “The Deep State”, the concept is that these are the unelected bureaucrats who further the progressive agenda regardless of who is in the White House. We saw proof that the Deep State exists when we saw testimony from career diplomats to the House Intelligence Committee when people like Maria Yovanavich made statements about Trump defying foreign policy, which he as the President sets, this was certainly an indication that there is a culture in Washington DC circles that believe that policy is theirs, and not that of the American people as represented by the leaders we choose.


There is another term which has been difficult to define in our current day, and that term is Conservative. I have seen many of the commentators who call themselves Conservatives sitting on panels at CNN and MSNBC giving lip service to Liberal talking points, the likes of Jennifer Rubin, Ana Novarro, and Meghan McCain just to name a few. I’ve always asked myself what is Conservative about sitting with people who call you and everyone like you a Nazi, and then repeating what we now know to be absolute lies, like Trump is a Russian puppet or that Carter Page was a Russian stooge, both have been proven entirely false by investigations.

The reason why I bring up the Deep State and the term Conservative is because I have been rallying to get people to understand that there are bad actors in the Conservative movement as well, and I am happy to see people like Julie Kelly at American Greatness writing an article of exactly that point. I have annoyed the editor at RedState with several articles bashing the NeverTrump Conservative movement, but it was a sensitive subject, I’ve had people send me long winded emails about how I need to stop “punching right” and how I’m undermining the movement by maligning fellow Conservatives. Their sentiments are not lost on me, I understand their concern and the fear us shooting ourselves in the foot, but one should not suffer Judas because that is a cancer far more dangerous than your enemy.

The release of the FISA report from Inspector General Horrowitz is the backdrop we need to talk about who needs to be shunned from our movement if wish to survive. Many Conservatives were shocked when Tucker Carlson went after investor Paul Singer recently on his Fox show, but those who knew that Paul Singer funded the initial Fusion GPS investigation into the Trump campaign knew exactly what Carlson was doing, he is removing the cancerous elements of the party before they try and destroy us going in to 2020. Never in my life did I think I would hear Conservatives support the Obama administration spying on a Republican Presidential campaign, but this was in the same time frame that I watch John McCain, the man the GOP told me was a Conservative war hero, be the person who kept ObamaCare alive much to the delight of Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


The problem with David French, Bill Kristol, Paul Singer, Jonah Goldberg, David Frum, and the rest of their NeverTrump acolytes is that they aren’t thought leaders, they’re reactionaries. They were comfortable during the Obama administration because they could look at a policy and then google something out of the Federalist papers and refute it, while having praise heaped upon them for how great they were for Conservatism, the problem is, the weren’t doing anything to address the needs of the American people, and Trump was. One of the primary things Trump did that made him so popular so quickly was identify all the failures of modern-day Conservatism, neo-Conservatism if you’re more comfortable with the term.

The Conservatism I grew up with was built and developed in the Cold War era. If we voted Republican, we would be able to ward off the commies for another day and keep our shining city on the hill. The problem is, there is no USSR, there is no Cold War, and the giant administrative state that controls the means of production isn’t a foreign threat, it’s a domestic threat. Neo-Conservatism is a lot like the when I first came into the Army, it’s fighting your father’s war, it’s behind the times, it’s constantly trying to focus on past battles instead of seeing the horizon ahead. This has resulted in hollow platitudes that mean nothing because they are antiquated.

“socialism sucks”, “big government sucks”, “reduce the deficit” all sound good as bumper stickers but ultimately mean nothing to the every day American, and primarily, people like me. Neo-Conservatism conserved nothing; therefore, we all know that these were lies. Young Americans have no culture to identify with, we sat through hours of indoctrination from public education telling us we should feel guilty for even being born in America, and Conservatism wasn’t answering the call of Americans to restore the culture, and, pardon the phrase, Make America Great Again. A bunch of ascot wearing country club types were scolding us over video games, violence in movies, or the plagues of the internet while my entire generation felt wayward in a world that Conservatives didn’t seem to want to acknowledge.


Internet censorship, housing prices, exporting of jobs, unregulated immigration, obsession over debt riddled higher education were all real problems which Conservatives never gave good answers. We were told that the free market and less government would solve all of those problems, but the market only seemed to become free for countries who could provide cheaper supplies, and the government certainly did not reduce in size or scope. Conservatives even told us that the gang violence in our communities, and the sudden cultural divide brought on by mass immigration were good things because a business would be able to make more profit. These were the glories of neo-Conservatism, a land where the GDP was the only metric that mattered, and even hollowing out our entire culture to raise one percentage point was worth the cost.

Am I asking for a large-scale government to fix my problems? No. What we are asking for is for a government that supports our nation, it’s fascinating to see some of my Conservative friends recoil when I even use the word nationalism, but why is it a radical thought to want your government to prioritize the well being of it’s country and it’s citizens above anything else? This is what threatens the NeverTrump movement, the radical idea that sometimes you have to do what is best for the country and that might mean telling Justin Amash that he wont be able to get cheap Chinese steel for his family’s company because we want America to strengthen it’s industrial exports.


Now we sit in 2019 where people who call themselves Conservative are trying to make the case for yet another Democrat political operation of impeachment. We hear these NeverTrumpers talk about the Constitution, fairness, and justice as if we are too stupid to see what is happening. We watched the system that these Conservatives are telling us to trust give all of Hillary Clinton’s staff immunity, slap a few people on the wrist for using the IRS to shut down tea-party groups, and literally spy on a Presidential campaign, but we should trust the system because the constitution or something. If the age of Trump really brought us something, it was that we realized how much lip service the establishment Conservative movement paid but could never follow through with.

In a generation that is facing an opioid crisis, the highest suicide rate since World War II, and a culture war in America, David French is telling me I’m not Christian because I voted for Trump, and Bill Kristol is defending the Obama administration spying on an American citizen for political purposes. We need to rid the Conservative movement of these cancers, and truly support an agenda that secures an American culture for our future generations and puts Americans first, or as far as I’m concerned Conservatism is merely managed progressivism and should be treated as such. If we Conservatives really believe in the values of the founding fathers, then we need to actually fight tyranny like they did and recognize the yoke that is placed on the necks of our citizens, whether that yoke belongs to a tech-company in silicon valley, a state college that milks the government loan program, or a political party trying to usurp an election, it’s time to start fighting tyrants, and quit putting the nation on auto-pilot leaving my generation to clean up the mess.


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