Prediction: The MSM Will Lie About Black Friday

We know that the media is always trying to spin things to get the American people to think Trump is doing a terrible job, especially on the economy because the Left knows that the economy is the biggest threat to them in the upcoming 2020 election. We have heard for three years now that we are heading in to a recession, yet somehow the stock market keeps setting records and wage growth has finally increased. The media is in a desperate position of needing to convince Americans that even though their job prospects are better, their wages are great, inflation is low, and overall American prosperity is increasing, they should support a Democrat candidate, all of whom are bent on increasing taxes to pay for welfare projects and redistribute wealth under the guise of “fairness”, in other words, the media will have to lie.


Many outlets are reporting that Americans spent more money online this year than ever before, skipping Black Friday crowds and chaos to shop online. According to Adobe analytics, there was a 20% increase in online sales over the last year. Though you will still see videos shared today of some Black Friday brawls, that much is certain, I predict that the main stream media will attempt to spin the lack of Americans punching one another over a this years version of a tickle me elmo as somehow bad, and therefore Trump’s fault. I remember just a few years ago there was a consensus among most Americans that Black Friday was ridiculous, and we all kind of hated it, granted, everyone said that and crowds still gathered outside retailers, but the fact that more Americans are staying at home for the holiday and not rushing out for doorbuster deals is a good thing overall, and the amount of online shopping means that it isn’t due to Americans not being able to spend the cash this holiday season.

Since the media is predisposed to lie about everything in an effort to attack Trump and the American people who made him President, my prediction is that today, and on the Sunday shows, the Democrat-media complex is going to claim that the lack of people punching each other in lines is a sure sign that a recession is coming. They wont share revenue numbers, or if they do, they will likely be revenue numbers for stores who did not prepare for the obvious preference of consumers to shop online. I guarantee there will be spots on Sunday shows where liberal commentators will feign concern while they discuss the lack of maniacs lined up outside shopping malls like cattle just to save a few dollars on a toy that will likely break within a week.


Now that Trump has signed a bill siding with the Hong Kong protesters, the media can go back to shilling for Communist China while they claim that people aren’t shopping on black Friday because the bad orange man isn’t playing nice with China and his trade war is somehow ruining the country. I never thought I would live to see the day where the main stream media is pretending to be concerned that nobody is buying cheap Chinese garbage, I just wish the Democrats were as concerned about America’s economic prosperity as they seem to be about China’s. I am elated that more Americans stayed home for the holidays, and we know that as a society we are happy that there will be less social media videos of Americans trying to kill each other over plastic garbage, but there is a contingent that will frown about this, because they are required to. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a Democrat in 2019 and have to be upset that China isn’t selling us more crap, and that people aren’t wasting their time off to sit outside a mall for 12 hours, but then again, that’s a good reason to not be a Democrat.

Prepare yourselves for the weekend blitz of disinformation and omission by the media to try and convince America that prosperity is defined by you camping outside a big box store, and not defined by the increase of cash in your wallet, because that is going to be the narrative. I hope everyone survived their relatives at Thanksgiving dinner, even though the Left tried to feed them talking points just so they would ruin the holidays. Let’s see if I get this prediction right.


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