[LISTEN] With Impeachment Failing, Democrats are Back to Wishing Trump Would Die

Democrats have had a rough go of it this last week, not only are there already discussions about having a brokered convention before even the first primary, meaning that Democrats have no excitement nor confidence that any of the nominees so far can beat Trump, but their impeachment isn’t garnering the support or attention they were hoping for. This is how dumb the Democrats think the American public is, they thought that Americans wouldn’t notice their “get Trump at all costs” tactic and that we would all take this impeachment seriously as if it were organic and not part of their plan since the day Trump was elected President.


Democrat Representative Jeff Van Drew had to admit that people in his caucus weren’t going to support impeachment

Now, like a bad rock band who keeps writing different variations of the same song, Democrats are going back to pushing for the 25th amendment and talking about Presidential health. This is all based on the media creating their own wet dream where Trump’s visit to Walter Reid medical center is some how a sign that he’s literally dying, Politico released an article, based on no evidence that the President is unfit based on his health, and NBC was giddy to try and make their wish a reality to report it like it was news.


Of course, there are plenty of laughs to be had at the expense of Democrats because of how much they grasp at straws trying to wishcast at the world, it does tell us that the Democrats are desperate, nervous, and falling apart. If they were confident with impeachment, or with any of the thousand other investigations into the President they wouldn’t have to recycle their old conspiracies. This is the fundamental problem with this debate now, anyone who supports what the Democrats are doing, and doesn’t plainly acknowledge that they just want to get rid of Trump and they don’t care what it takes is lying to everyone around them.

The Democrats and the NeverTrump Republicans want to try and claim that Trump supporters are a cult because we know what they’re doing, and we know that they are feckless in their tactics to get rid of Trump, and since we voted for him because he was going to drain the swamp and get rid of these career politicians who pervert our justice system and perform political theatre on the taxpayer dime it’s only making us confident that our vote was correct in 2016, and will be just as correct in 2020. If you need any proof that these people are going insane because America is waking up to their derangement, look no further than George Conway’s twitter feed.



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