Listen: The GM Strike is All About Politics

The UAW has gone on strike for the first time since 2007, that’s the big headline today and I’m certain a lot of people see that and think “wow, what happened to suddenly make them go on strike since we haven’t seen one in so long” the short answer, politics. Many of you remember the GM bailouts under Barack Obama, but the reality was that was a UAW bailout. Barack Obama spent over $11 billion of taxpayers’ money to help his union buddies in the UAW and make sure they kept donating millions of dollars to Democrats. If you need proof that it was a bailout for the UAW and not for the workers or GM, look around Detroit, is it doing better, did those billions make Detroit better? Of course not, what about Flint? You can’t even drink the water in Flint so that answer is a resounding no.


The manufacturing areas of the United States swung hard for Trump in 2016 and the Democrats are infuriated. Hillary Clinton barely campaigned in Michigan because come on, Democrats and the UAW have had a crony capitalist relationship where Democrats give the UAW absolute power over industry, and in turn, the UAW donates millions to Democrats, basically, it’s another Democrat money laundering scheme where they take billions in taxpayer dollars which come back to their party coffers through forced union donations. I know we have union members who listen, so let me ask those members this, did Obama stop outsourcing to China? Did Democrats fight to keep down wage suppression from undocumented immigrants? Of course not, they didn’t care about you, but your union leadership did just fine during the great recession, granted, you probably lost your job.

It should also be noted that the UAW President had his house raided by the FBI under corruption charges. UAW officials are currently under investigation for misusing union funds, redirecting funds that were meant for training and instead giving the to former union and company officials. Nine people have been charged in the investigation so far. Understand what I’m saying here folks, from 2008 to 2014 the Obama administration fed billions in taxpayer dollars to his UAW union buddies, and these union officials have been gifted cottages on thousand acre resorts in Northern Michigan, that’s what the bailout was, it was a scheme for Democrat Oligarchs.


The Democrats plan here is to use their UAW buddies to create turmoil in the manufacturing sector that voted for Trump. Even though the economy is doing well, jobs are doing fantastic, and ultimately China being brought to heel will be great for the auto industry, that’s not how the UAW and Democrats play, they have a relationship and the UAW needs a Democrat in the White House and the Democrats need the UAW taking income from their members and filling Democrat party coffers. Creating shaky ground in the manufacturing sector will make union workers nervous, I mean, they never went on strike under Obama remember, I’m sure that was part of the deal. Even though the economy is doing well, these people, the workers, the union members are going to be pulling their belts tighter over this strike.

The union workers don’t get their regular pay during a strike, they get limited strike insurance. If this goes for any amount of time it will have a devastating effect on the UAW members. The UAW wants to make their members suffer and have uncertainty so they can tell them that all their scary anxiety will go away if they just vote for the person the union tells them to, because you know they got it wrong last time. This is pretty much the point of unions in this day and age, they are just a way for market manipulation and crony capitalism. In the age of social media and workers who know how to read, do you really think the American people are too dumb to know whether they’re being taken advantage of?


Unions have been unnecessary for a very long time in America and have only been a tool to affect the market for political purposes. Unions are nothing more than the modern-day mob and do nothing to serve the workers they claim to support. You can’t seriously tell me that unions have their workers best interest at heart when they did nothing about outsourcing, wage depression by illegal immigration, or the lack of American protections in the previous administrations awful trade deals can you? Maybe the UAW just wasn’t paying attention because they were too busy cooking their books to build another resort with a golf course for their executives to hang out


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