[LISTEN] Everyone is Apparently "Exhausted" Because Conservatives are Finally Fighting Back

I guess I’m going to need to go on a rant about this because people just don’t seem to get it. Plenty of the business as usual beltway and legacy media types keep telling everyone how “exhausted” we are supposed to be about the political climate. I’m told that polling data shows how exhausted everyone is, and now the Washington and Conservative establishment are here to tell me how we can easily fix this supposed “exhaustion” I, and everyone else seem to feel.


Former Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis wrote and op-ed for the Wall Street Journal in which he said “We all know we are better than our current politics” which was even trending on Twitter, which is usually a sign that the Left attributes the quote as a repudiation of Trump. This same morning a Tweet from Conservative radio host and writer Erick Erickson says “Polling consistently shows Americans are tired of the current political drama and there are increasing worries about the economy. Anyone at the White House paying attention to this? Firing up the base isn’t going to help the people exhausted by the current climate. Of course I should always look at “True Conservatism” from the Bulwark to see what real Conservatives who haven’t fallen under the Trump spell are thinking and they seem to be celebrating “getting under Trump’s skin” by lying about Joe Walsh being blocked by Trump on Twitter, because that is supposed to be important.


Let me explain for those of you who don’t know a lot about me, I’m 34 years old. I was born in 1985 so I come from a different generation than many who comment on politics. One of the reasons I started my podcast was because I wasn’t getting what I needed from mainstream Conservative talk, and full transparency, I was really tired of hearing pundits who never served in the military constantly use me and my service as a club to beat their opposition, but that’s a story for another time. My point is this, I’m tired of the business as usual Washington establishment, and the legacy Conservative pundits wanting life to go back to “normal”, it’s not happening.


Stop trying to wish yourselves back to your easy lives scrolling the drudge report to see what Obama policy you could complain about for your three hour daily program, and then ridicule Congress for not taking enough action. Quit wishing for the days where you could tell your audience about the Democrat media complex and how they’re indoctrinating kids in higher education and that Obama is just an Alinski activist who is playing community organizer-in-chief. You’re not getting the days back where you get to spew easily written refutations of Obama’s terrible policies, complain about how many staff members at CNN are former Democrat staffers, or point out college “safe spaces” and laugh, you actually have a chance to fix the problems presented to you and now that the opportunity is there, you want to go back to the good old days of just complaining about it because fixing a problem sure is a lot harder than just whining into your microphone.

Conservatives got their wish, we listened. We saw how corrupt the media was, we saw how insane higher education became, we saw the collusion between the Democrat party and Hollywood. We saw the indifference of the GOP that the Tea Party pointed out, a movement which every Conservative in the media was excited about, and we elected Republican representatives at every level we could resulting in the DNC losing over ten thousand seats nation-wide during the Obama Presidency, and then we watched you squander that hard work, that activism, and even worse, we saw the face of the establishment and it’s disgust for us.


We voted for Donald Trump in the primaries because he promised to fight the very things you’ve told us for years were problems. Trump didn’t shy away from hitting back at the media, and giving them a taste of their own medicine, the media the Conservative old guard told us were just part of the Democrat establishment. Trump started pushing back on ridiculous Title IX statutes that resulted in higher education attacking men for simply existing and created countless news stories of false sexual assault allegations that YOU in the Conservative media wrote and spoke about at length. The Trump administration increased the GDP, raised consumer confidence, and have increased wages primarily for blue collar workers, the very people YOU claimed were most hurt by Obama’s economic policies.

So please, establishment Conservatives, former administration officials, True Conservatives, tell me just what the hell kind of politics are we supposed to return to? It sure sounds like we revealed who was really willing to fight for principles and get into the dirty business of standing up for something, and those who really just wanted to complain into a microphone or tap away at a keyboard but never really wanted to stand up. It sounds like you asked me for years to get into the fight and now that I’m standing in the center of the ring you’re upset that punches are being thrown.


I can not tell you how disgusted I am to realize how many people in establishment Conservatism were merely there because pushing back against the Obama administration was easy. I can’t believe there are people upset that Trump calls out the media, makes people have the uncomfortable discussions that reveal how tone-deaf and detached the Democrats and media are, I can’t believe how weak some of the people who claimed they were going to be our strength when we “took back the Republic” truly are. The only thing I can say now is get out of the way, the people spoke in 2016 and they elected Donald Trump, not one of them is surprised by how he acts, not one of them cares about his mannerisms, nobody actually gives a damn that he’s unpolished, we literally voted for that, so please take your D.C. consultant funded polls about us being “exhausted” shove them firmly up your fourth point of contact, and get the hell out of my way because you’re useless to us if you’re going to try and tell us that we need to go back to taking it on the chin from the Left because that seems more polite.


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