[LISTEN] The Left Denies Media & Tech Bias, Here is How to Fight Back


Let’s talk about bias and the effect it can have on elections. Trump posted a tweet a couple of days ago about a report saying google manipulated 2.6 million to 16 million votes and that the report came from a Hillary Clinton supporter. The supporter he was referring to was Dr. Robert Epstein, who was a Hillary Clinton supporter and testified about the bias of search results to the Senate including this exchange with Senator Ted Cruz (Audio). Hillary Clinton responded to Trump’s tweet claiming that Dr. Epstein’s research has been “debunked” and was “based on 21 undecided voters” which finally resulted in Dr. Epstein posting several tweets covering his study. Epstein makes sure to let people know that the Hillary Clinton’s source claiming the study was debunked, came from Google, so we obviously know you can’t trust that.


Dr. Epstein points out that Google was Hillary Clinton’s largest donor, her chief technology officer during the campaign was former google executive Stephanie Hannon, and Erich Schmidt the longtime head of google started a company called Groundwork whose sole intent was to put Hillary Clinton into the Oval office. Let’s not forget that project Veritas has a google executive saying “We all got screwed over in 2016, again it wasn’t just us, it was, the people got screwed over, the news media got screwed over, like, everybody got screwed over so we’re rapidly been like, happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again,” she said in the video. “We’re also training our algorithms, like, if 2016 happened again, would we have, would the outcome be different?” We know that Google believes they can have an effect on the electorate, enough that they believe if they had done something different they could have changed the results of 2016 so why would it be outlandish to suggest that they would absolutely try to effect the results of 2020?

There is a lot of room for debate about how much effect search results could have on voters, of course nobody wants to live in a country that is so low information that google could effect someone’s vote, but the American people spend a lot of time on the internet, on social media, and just like a company trying to sell you a product, why wouldn’t politicians try and manipulate those tools to sell themselves? Saying that big tech isn’t biased and isn’t at the very least trying to force their political will on people is as dumb as saying the media isn’t biased, which just a few years ago liberals would scoff at, but these days we are once again proven correct in our assertions that the news media is biased for Democrats.


The news media and big tech are acolytes for the liberal left in America, and they hate the very existence not only of Donald Trump, but of his voters as well. Tech censorship is alive and well, and the democrat-media is trying to paint the picture of every Trump supporter being a racist, an extremist, a domestic terrorist, what have you. There is something to be said about the Left being in panic mode when it comes to going after Trump, it means they aren’t as arrogant in their assumptions as they let on, but denying that the conveyors of information in the media and tech aren’t trying to manipulate the perceptions of the American people is completely insane.

All is not lost folks; this is not a defeat. What you can do to fight back is share Conservative content, subscribe and share this podcast, find Conservative news sites and share their content. Talk to your friends and neighbors about why you hold the beliefs and values that you do. Nobody wants to be manipulated, and you would be surprised how just seeing the other side’s opinion can make people start to see how there are being lied to and manipulated. Big tech and the media don’t think that many of us exists, hell, they still can’t figure out that Trump won because he was popular with the American people, and that is our strongest weapon.

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