Media Lies and Democrats Fire Staff Because They're White

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Donald Trump signed the 9/11 first responders support bill yesterday with a rose garden ceremony and the liberal media was caught trying to spin an absolute lie just to sully this occasion. Vox and CNN both suggested something ominous about Trump’s remarks during the ceremony, and Vox reporter Aaron Rupar claimed in his article and on Twitter that Trump claimed he was a first responder and even posted this video to go along with it.

This shows the psychology of liberal media. They know their low information base wont listen to the video, they will just be spoonfed their narrative and it will become the truth by repetition of liberals who never even listened, just like the “very fine people” lie the media pushed about Charlottesville, another absolute lie that can be easily disproven, but liberals don’t want the truth, they want the dopamine rush they get from feeling moral by repeating corporate media talking points. The more fascinating part about this story is Snopes even fact checked the claim of Trump being at ground zero and claimed it as “unverified” which reporters yesterday took his comments and used their classic line of “Trump claimed, without evidence that he ___” except a simple search would find this interview from NBC of Trump discussing efforts at ground zero, while standing in a street in New York city.

This is the liberal media, they are now brazenly lying to your face knowing that they’ve deranged liberals so far that they won’t question the lies, and then all the people who actually value truth have to try and not have an aneurism while some liberal spouts off complete fabrications that they demand are true because CNN and Snopes said so.

Another fun event around the Democrats, the DCCC forced five of their top staff to resign because they were white. Politico ran multiple stories about the issues in the DCCC because of “lack of diversity” and now the DCCC is forcing people out of their jobs because of their skin color. This is the future the Democrats want to build for America, where the word diversity just means “not white” and the only qualification anyone needs for anything is to be a series of boxes checked on an intersectionality victim chart.

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