[LISTEN] Media Suppression in Full Gear

Since 2016 the media has begun a campaign to make the American people question any information that goes against the liberal media narrative. If it isn’t exuding support for the newest Democrat cause, then it is probably part of some scary Russian collusion, or is entirely fake news. The only fake news Americans consume is the fake news that the media wants to feed you, whether it’s the latest fake news on the U.S.S McCain, or the Time contributor who made a Trump quote up out of whole cloth, to the Covington kids, or Kavanaugh debacle, the only fake news is the liberal fake news.


In the controversy of the “Pelosi video” where a widely disseminated regular video was shown to make Speaker Pelosi seem a little less mentally capable, there was also a video that was purportedly slowed down to make it even worse. The Daily Beast took it upon themselves to doxx, or release the personal information, of the person they claim made the video. The only purpose I can see for this action was to publicly humiliate this person for daring to make a video and selectively edit it to be more damning, that’s the main stream media’s job and you better not forget it! Of course they’ll defend these actions by suggesting that they’re combating “fake news” and “misinformation” but everyone knows that’s how these news outlets make their money and what they giant corporations who support them pay them to do.

Vox has joined they fray as well going after Steven Crowder, noted right-wing comedian who hosts a YouTube show ala Trevor Noah or John Oliver. Crowder is benign as far as media pundits go, his show doesn’t engage in anything really blue, or outside the main stream so seeing him as a target is only a boon to his effectiveness. Vox write Carlos Maza is particularly butt hurt over Crowder, most likely because Crowder continually does pieces where he debunks Maza’s work as the shill garbage that it is, and Maza proves that he can’t defend such work because he played crybaby on Twitter and got YouTube to help him in trying to make that mean Steven Crowder go away so nobody will see the evidence of how much a shill and pathetic excuse of a journalist Maza is.



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