CBS Posts Trailer Encouraging Violence, Then Deletes it

Screengrab from

Following a week where Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee pretended to hold a hearing on “white nationalism” so they could spend hours talking about how “hateful” they think Trump supporters are, and encourage big tech companies to censor Conservative speech, and the same week we saw Democrats call quoting Ilhan Omar (D-MN) an “incitement to violence” for pointing out her callous comments about 9/11 we had CBS release a trailer for their new season of “The Good Fight” today on Twitter and almost immediately delete it after backlash.


The trailer (below) uses the same talking points you would find at a violent ANTIFA demonstration telling everyone that it’s ok to “punch nazis” and since the Left regularly refers to anyone on the Right and supporters of President Trump a “nazi” and we also have House Democrats openly claiming (without evidence) that the President encourages white supremacy. We once again have the Left calling for violence against their political opponents, but I’m certain there will be no House committee hearing on it.


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