No, it's Not Time to "Move On"

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Don’t get me wrong,  I understand Rep. Jim Jordan’s feelings, but you can’t simply ask us to move on from a coordinated coup attempt against a sitting President which involved FBI leadership, Intelligence assets, and a complicit media. What a lot of political leaders don’t understand is the real life consequences of the Left’s conspiracy theory. Social media companies used the specter of Russian collusion to silence Conservative voices, the Left claimed that people they disagreed with were Russian “bots” and they accused and maligned countless individuals to try and handicap an administration so they could not perform their basic duties to the American people. Real people have lost their jobs, real people have faced violence, real people have lost relationships all over a lie constructed by the Democrats and their propagandist media.

The derangement we’ve seen from the Left to include their violent reaction to people wearing a Make America Great Again hat, to a Bernie Sanders supporter attempting to assassinate Republican Congress members can all have connections to a Left that has been convinced by the Democrats and the media that something was stolen from them, and that if they didn’t take matters into their own hands somehow the nation was in peril. How can Republicans ask us to simply move on after years of media coverage suggesting that our votes weren’t real, that the President wasn’t legitimate, that his supporters were somehow complicit in treason?

Are Republicans going to finally stand up for the countless voters who have fought against this propaganda? Are the Republicans going to do the right thing and ensure that this type of behavior is never considered again? Are the Republicans going to bring those responsible for the greatest political scandal in the history of this country to justice?

Moving on is not an option when we know that the Democrat party created a conspiracy using falsified reports from Russian agents, lied to a FISA court to spy on a rival political campaign, and attempted to entrap the Trump campaign by having FBI contacts pose as Russian agents attempting to aid the Trump campaign.

Everyone in America knows that this was an attempt to end the Trump presidency, even the Left knows this was the point because they refuse to accept the results of the special counsel’s findings because they knew it was a lie to begin with. There is a political party in America that right now is wholly focused on usurping the votes of the American people, whose entire purpose for the last two years was to convince Americans that a foreign country had more control over the country than they did. The subversion of the Democrats can not go unpunished, we can not simply ignore years of lies and tactics to destroy our faith in this country, we can not move on unless justice is served to those who meant to do this country harm.

It’s time for the Republicans to do the right thing and prove that they are willing to stand up for the American people, and will ensure that the Democrats never try this disgusting tactic ever again.

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