Slate Says All White Australians to Blame for New Zealand Attacks

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The news has been flooded with stories by liberal journalists trying to use the Al-Noor mosque shooting to push their political agendas, but none have been as brazen as Slate in a recent article.

The article states that all white Australians are responsible for the New Zealand shooting because, according to the author, Australia has been steeped in racism, but it’s that kind of silent racism that you can’t really point out and conveniently requires no actual proof, just the confirmation of one’s own bias.

The easiest fact to point out here is that by her own metric we can now discuss Islam’s implication in terrorist attacks, attacks which are far more prevalent and violent, but of course doing so would be considered abhorrent, result in being banned on social media, and would make you a complete pariah.  Why does the Left get to condemn an entire race of people for the actions of one person when this behavior is universally frowned upon? The easy answer is: because white people, but the more complicated answer is, to silence the problems of the majority in Western countries.

We’ve all rolled our eyes at the capitulation by politicians to Islam, and their rush to push #notallmuslims following any terror attack because we know it’s all virtue signaling and hollow rhetoric meant to confirm ally status with a minority group. The spectre of being called racist is the most worrisome thing to any politician, more worrisome than a shrinking middle class, more worrisome than open borders, and far more worrisome than America having it’s own identity. Nobody actually believes that every Muslim is a terrorist, and nobody is advocating for banning Islam as a religion, but if the Left can say you are, then you need to repeat their pre-written statements, tweet their focus grouped hashtags, and immediately vote on their bills in Congress or else you’ll be part of the problem.

I have to arrive at an airport hours before my flight because the U.S. Government refused to acknowledge that the 9/11 hijackers had something in common, and were more afraid of what the Leftist media would call them, then they were about violating the rights of every American wanting to fly on a plane, this isn’t just ridiculous, it’s suicidal for a country. The Left uses the fear of name calling as cudgel to push progressive policies, which are ultimately aimed at creating classes in America so they can use the Marxist model for political revolution. The fact that your every day voter has ignored the Left’s continued division along racial lines, primarily making white people an existential crisis to any minority in America is astounding and should strike fear in the hearts of anyone who has children who may grow up being taught to feel guilty for their skin color.

My only real question about this article, given the Leftists trying to suggest that tweets and rhetoric were somehow responsible for the shooter’s motivations, does this mean that Slate can be held responsible for any assault against whites based on their race? Of course, you’d have to hear about such an assault for you to advocate this stance, and you wouldn’t. The ultimate power that Leftists hold is making people afraid to advocate for themselves.

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