The Democrats are Worried About RBG

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You wouldn’t know it from statements made by politicians, but politics does not occur in a vacuum. Recently, social media exploded with a hilarious hashtag #wheresruth which resulted in the media immediately clutching their pearls and declaring it a “far-right conspiracy” many in the media missing the joke that last year they the same thing regarding Melania Trump when she wasn’t seen in public following the media’s love affair with Stormy Daniels and her ambulance chasing creepy porn lawyer.

The case of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a simple one. She is 85 years old, recently fell and broke three ribs, and also had cancer on her lungs. The media has been relatively gentle about all of these subjects to an alarming point given their constant concern over the President’s health, and their extreme interest in the lives of Associate Justices on the Supreme Court as we saw with Brett Kavanaugh.

There are certainly indications from the Democrat party that the concern over Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not a conspiracy, they are the true barometer on whether we as a nation should be concerned over the well-being of one of the most liberal justices to serve on the Supreme Court. The first piece of evidence I will show you is the recent abortion bills that have created such extreme controversy in the United States. Virginia’s bill took a lot of the attention given the video evidence of delegate Tran acknowledging that a woman could literally be crowning and her bill would still support that abortion, and her bill would dramatically reduce the threshold required to make that decision.

We also should pay attention to New York. Their abortion bill was written to “protect a woman’s right to choose even if Roe V. Wade were overturned”. Democrats seem to be concerned that the precedent could be set sometime soon that would overturn Roe V. Wade which is interesting given that the Supreme Court as it stands has not changed it’s alignment given that Neil Gorsuch replaced Antonin Scalia and Brett Kavanaugh replaced Anthony Kennedy, justices who were nominated by Republican Presidents.

The Democrats are also attempting to  get rid of the electoral college. Colorado just presented a bill in their state Senate that gives all of their 9 electoral college votes who whomever wins the national popular vote, completely usurping the will of the citizens of Colorado, and many other Democrat majority states are considering similar measures (which I hope completely blows up in their face in 2020).

This sudden strong push for legislation, and the odd attempts by the media to wave off any suggestion that RBG is ill as a conspiracy theory, not to mention last night’s AP article which pretended to be a stunning rebuke of any question of her health by telling us RBG is perfectly fine because she was seen in the back of a dark auditorium where no photography was allowed makes us wonder what is really going on. From a strategic stand point it makes perfect sense that the Democrats would push RBG to hang on until November so they can have the Merrick Garland debate again in the Senate, trying to handicap Republicans from nominating a justice until after the election, which at this point I hope the Republicans use the Democrat playbook and just thumb their eye and push a nominee through, mostly because I don’t want to live in a country that needs to discuss whether it’s ok to kill babies.

The State of The Union is tonight and it will be very interesting to see if RBG is present, but given this obvious PR puff piece fro the AP, I can’t help but feel like this was providing some sort of “proof of life” for the main stream media to use when everyone in the Conservative press reports that she isn’t present at the address. The gallows humor of this whole situation is that the Virginia law the Democrats attempted to pass should make RBG happy that she is about as far from birth as someone could get, because a child in Virginia with her conditions would be a viable candidate for extermination, but Ralph Northam would make sure she was comfortable first so that’s good. We will have to see what happens tonight at the SOTU, and of course, keep a pulse (pardon the pun) on developments with RBG.

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