The Watercooler ~ It's Never For Nothin'

I just got a new headset so I’ve been comparing the quality of the sound by listening to a lot of songs from my past. The reason I choose most of the songs I play here at RedState is because they impacted my life in profound ways at different times and during different seasons.


I am always ambivalent about how much to share about the specifics of what I was going through at the time because this is a political website and you’re not supposed to get too mushy or personal. So, I get generic about it rather than expose myself to unmerited ridicule and that “destructive hostility” that seems to lurk behind every political wall or door waiting to sense weakness in its perceived adversaries.

So, generically speaking, this song is an awesome encouragement to those who consider their trek into politics a calling. It will also bless anyone who has figured out that all the answers to life’s problems are quite simple most of the time.

Be blessed.

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