The Watercooler ~ Kerry Excludes Israel and Egypt from Ceasefire Negotiations

Israel’s Likud’s Communications Minister Gilad Erdan on Saturday night criticized Secretary of State John Kerry expressing dismay that Kerry’s negotiations in Paris to bring about a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas excluded both Israel and Egypt:


Privately, Israeli leaders have signaled deep dismay that Kerry engaged in talks in Paris with representatives of Turkey, whose leadership is openly hostile to Israel, and Qatar, whose leadership is seen by Israel to be representing Hamas’s interests, and not to include Israel, the PA or Egypt.

Israeli’s were so horrified by the terms of the ceasefire Kerry negotiated that they allowed their unanimous rejection of it to be leaked rather than openly demonstrate their horror:

Israel’s decision-making security cabinet on Friday unanimously rejected Kerry’s ceasefire offer. Ministers were horrified, government sources said, that the Kerry proposal did not provide for Israel to continue demolishing the Hamas network of “terror tunnels” dug under the Israeli border within the framework of the ceasefire. The cabinet did not formally announce on Friday night that it was unanimously rejecting the Kerry terms, because ministers did not want to openly demonstrate their horror at the secretary’s offer, Channel 2 reported on Saturday night. Instead, word of the decision was allowed to leak out.

As if that were not enough, Kerry seems to be bending over backwards to alienate Israel by endorsing terms they could never accept:

An Army Radio report on Friday night highlighted that the US on Monday signed an $11 billion arms deal with Qatar, and noted that Qatar is championing Hamas’s demands in the ceasefire negotiations, and is also alleged by Israel to be financing Hamas’s rocket production, tunnel digging infrastructure, and other elements of its military infrastructure. The radio report also claimed that Ban Ki-moon “is flying around the region on a Qatari plane.”

Channel 2′s respected Middle East analyst Ehud Ya’ari said Saturday that Turkey and Qatar are “Hamas’s lawyers,” and that it was “very worrying” to see how Kerry was handling the ceasefire process.


In the meantime, Israel refuses to end their operation and leave Gaza until the tunnels are dealt with and Hamas’s terrorist infrastructure is drastically degraded.

Someone has to be the adult in the room. Thank God Israel is strong enough to ignore Kerry and do what they have to do to protect their nation.

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