The Watercooler ~ Evening Open Thread

I made it pretty clear when I agreed to do these Watercooler open threads that I would publish a variety of diaries along the way. Anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows that I have a less serious side to my writing that I resort to quite often. That means that I am subject to break out in biblical prose, publish a purely satirical diary, and frequently dig out music that seems apropos — or at a minimum — capable of piercing through the sometimes tedious, monotonous and otherwise boring nature of covering politics 24/7.


This is precisely one of those times.

I have a hunch that a majority of RedStaters are type A personalities who take themselves much too seriously too much of the time. Consider this Youtube vid a test to see if you can laugh and enjoy something competely disconnected from Washington, D.C. This doesn’t mean you can’t use this thread to discuss something serious, just a reminder that it’s okay to have fun. (And these guys are really good dancers. They just make it look easy.)

This is your Watercooler evening open thread.


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