The Watercooler ~ The Awesomeness of Salvation

Our pseudo-Christian president, as well as the Democrat Party whose base is now primarily comprised of progressives, hate God. They would vehemently deny such statements, but those of us who know and love Him can say it boldly because we feel and witness daily how their deeds and their belief system betray His true nature. After suffering now for nearly six years under the leadership of an administration whose hostility and contempt toward God has never been more glaring, it seems like the very rocks are crying out for the truth to be told.


Satan is a real entity. He hates God and God’s creation with a passion that could only be explained as pure evil. At the core of his hatred is jealousy. If he could usurp God, he would. This is why progressives rabidly espouse their plans to control all of us, and package their message in promises of utopia. They are convinced that they are the way, the truth and the life and no one is allowed to disagree at all. A milder version of Islam, it is nothing less than raw conversion-by-force using the power of government to achieve their domination.

God’s love is so the opposite. Full of patience, grace, mercy and long-suffering, when one truly encounters it, it is irresistible. Makes one wonder why anyone would reject Him for any reason. But people do it every day. I pity them because they don’t know what they are missing.

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